La Caste has worked for two years at art and communication direction of studio Aguibson. Aurélien Guibson, object designer and founder of Aguibson, asked some advices to La Caste and after few conversations decided to increase Aguibson visual communication, to create new print and web supports and to improve its public and press relationship.



At first, It was important to review the identity and logotype, modernize and re-enhance its geometrical balance. After that, La Caste leaded the shooting direction (with the photographers Mathilde de Galbert and Mathilda Olmi) to make the new pictures for different supports including catalogue, brochure, leaflet-poster and buisness card.

look at the product catalogue here


As often, the most important part of the job was to design the web-shop because the website is the first showcase of Aguibson products. Its fabrication was a long, intense and exciting job for La Caste and its associate and web-developer Clément Oriol




After making all this supports, Aguibson needed to communicated on this print and web creations and of course its new collections of products. So, La Caste helped Aurélien Guibson on network and press communication by creating pictures and documentations.