L'Atelier 72 is a restaurant in the Mouffetard district in Paris. Before its opening, the manager Aurélien Ollagnier contacted La Caste to design a purified identity based on the atmosphere, the ambient of the spot and Mouffetard.

When the work began, the restaurant was in construction so it seems a little bit difficult at first but finally it was perfect to feel the history of this place by its raw materials (bricks, rocks, woods) and to go back to basics.



L'Atelier 72 needed a lot of printed supports especially for its menus. In order not to confuse staff and consumers between french and english, drinks, wines, launch and diner menus, La Caste proposed using variety of papers, formats and compositions.



La Caste designed a font for Atelier 72 inspired by the workshop aesthetic and the construction period of the restaurant with particular references to the hammer and the stencil process, playing with serifs and empty/full spaces.