The collaboration with Mr. Hanky rock band and La Caste has started in 2013 and never ending from now. Mr. Hanky has chosen to work with La Caste to build their graphic univers in a true and friendly mutual understanding.

The singer, Marc Chaillet, has found some old wooden letters in a yard sale and he has been use to play with them to make some pictures for the band. La Caste has suggested It will be great to just re-creat, re-drawn and modernize this font.



It tooks a long time to find the good art direction for their E.P hoodooed (wich means something like voodooded) because this three guys were very open, always ready for trying new ideas and they wanted to test all the possibilities ! At the end, we have found the right way : a funny and creepy picture from the editor and photographer Vincent Palmier.



poster - flyer (photography by Mathilde de Galbert)

web banners